Enameled Llama Alpaca Pendant - Made By Her
Enameled Llama Alpaca Pendant - Made By Her
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Enameled Llama Alpaca Pendant

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READY TO SHIP - Llama Alpaca Pendant Necklace - Pewter - Made in usa - 100% recycled metal - 1 inch long - 18 inch necklace - birthday gift - Cute Animal Jewelry
Hand enameled - These pendants have been hand enamel painted and then sealed using cerakote to make the color strong and permanent.  Each one is hand painted, and can have a slightly different color placement or tone, but will be very similar to the one pictured.  But as they are done completely by my hand, they will be one of a kind and unique.
Here is one sweet little Llama.  Or alpaca.  Or llama.  It depends on which is your favorite I guess!  But this one sure is happy!  
Llamas and alpacas are both from the camelid family.  They are quite similar, though the llama is quite a bit larger.  Llamas have been used as pack animals for 5,000 years in Peru, and are known to simply lie down and refuse to move if their load is too heavy.  Much like my 3 year old when it is time to leave the house, or when it is time to pick up the toys.  Another fun fact is that Llama poop does not smell bad!  And it is used as an eco friendly fertilizer.  However the same cannot be said for their spit, which is known to be quite stinky.   Female llamas will often spit at males in order to let them know their advances are un welcome.  Alpacas are known for their fleece, which is 5 times stronger than sheep wool, and fire and waterproof.  Alpacas can be litter trained and make can great pets, though they do prefer to live in a herd.
Each of my pieces is digitally sculpted with much care.  This Llama is completely sculpted, on all sides and the bottom, and is completely solid metal.  They are then cast in the metal of your choice, and antiqued and polished by hand.  The metal is given a matte finish, which helps the intricate details stand out even more.  Each one is hand packed and send out from my home studio with love.  All of the metal used is 100% recycled metal, and all of the work and materials on the pendant itself are made in the USA.  This listing is for the llama/alpaca cast in pewter.
Please choose your choice of necklace chain from the drop down menu.  Your options are an 18 inch black rubber cord, an 18 inch white metal chain or a 30 inch white metal chain.
This pendant is completely solid and measures over an inch long.  It is quite heavy and is a strong and quality made piece.
As each piece I make is hand crafted and finished with care, they are all unique in their own way.  Each one may have slightly darker or lighter patina or antiquing.  Each one is a beautiful and one of kind creation!
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