Champagne Problems Bar Necklace - Made By Her

Champagne Problems Bar Necklace

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These stamped necklaces are a perfect gift. Hand-cut Gold Fill and Sterling Silver bars are approx 1/4 x.25 and made of 20g metal. Our dainty circle necklaces are cut from 20g and measure 8.9mm. 

** CHain length is the total length of the bar and chain- Example- a 16" chain is 14.75" chain with 1.25" bar= 16" piece 

14k gold fill chain and sterling ARE VERY DELICATE and must be worn and handled with care. Not turtleneck or Toddler proof. Because I do NOT make the chain myself, i am happy to replace broken chain when it is brought to my attention in a calm and respectful manner. I repeat, I DO NOT MAKE THE CHAIN. When you break it or when they break, All I can do is fix it. Please do not come to with me with “ I am extremely disappointed, or I can’t believe this happened”. When you are buying jewelry of any kind, including high-end jewelry from a jewelry shop, you always run a risk of a broken chain. It is Not the end of the world and I will be happy to fix it. The first one is free and it’s $15 after that.  that Please email


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