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Other platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, and Squarespace bring you 0% of your traffic. Join Made By Her and, not only will we bring you traffic while you sell your handmade items alongside other talented female artists, we'll even give you the tools to grow your own business yourself the way you want.

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Have questions? Here are answers to the ones most frequently asked:

What is Made By Her?

  • We are an online artisan community for female artists and artisans to support them in growing their handmade business online.

  • We provide a full resource library, customized for artists & makers, and a beautiful online marketplace to sell & showcase their work implementing those resources.


Why sell with Made By Her?

  • We are a female-artist-owned marketplace supporting female artists. We care about your business's future and we care about you. Made By Her is not just a hosting site but a family of women coming together in an effort to make women's art stand out (with a little ambiance thrown in too!
  • We offer a wide variety of products but are known for our high quality
  • While we cannot guarantee sales, we do guarantee value and to promote your work as though it were our own. We only accept artists into our online marketplace if we feel they would reach out target audience; we do not want to mislead anyone if we do not feel they will be successful within our niche. 

What comes with a Made By Her MARKETPLACE Membership? (Other membership options listed below)

  • Online booth within our marketplace at with unlimited items and low commission rate. (We only charge a 7% transaction fee including credit card fees. We do not charge extra for new listings or restocking.)

  • Invite to Made By Her's Monthly Artisan Mastermind session where we offer a round table discussion to help support you in your business from product display feedback, brainstorming on growth opportunities, and more!

  • Full access to online courses, trainings, and workshops (past recordings and future) at plus additional resources PLUS a list of recommended, qualified, service providers for additional services you may need in growing your business

  • Your products listed on all of our selling channels as well (Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, and Google)

  • Invite to our Made By Her Seller's Facebook Group where you can share new or current offers with fellow Made By Her sellers and get business support from makers just like you
  • Marketplace level discounts & giveaways (meaning, we offer the discount/giveaway from OUR side and you still get paid the listing price of your product minus regular commission)!
  • Customized shipping options

  • Product/syncing capabilities with other platforms including Woocommerce, Squarespace, and Shopify so you don't have to spend your time updating every time you get a sale. 

  • Weekly payouts with credit card transaction fees included in our 7% commission rates along with the ability to change membership plans based on your selling needs and comfort

  • 30 Min 1:1 Coaching Call with Tiffany, founder of Made By Her to help with either booth setup, business coaching, or whatever you want to discuss to help set your business up for success

  • female-artist-owned marketplace supporting female artists. Made By Her is not just a hosting site but a family of women coming together in an effort to make women's art stand out (with a little ambiance thrown in too). We offer a wide variety of products and are known for our high quality. We care about your business's future and we care about you. If you ever need any assistance during your time with us, you can reach us at, we're here to help in any way we can. 


What is the pricing for a Made By Her MARKETPLACE Membership?

Happening Hands Annual Membership - $279
Monthly MBH Artisan Masterminds - (for 12 mos) $300
Made By Her Annual Listing Fee - $60
30 Min 1:1 Coaching Call with Tiffany (founder, Made By Her) - $50
Total Value: $674

Our Annual Membership Fee - Only $97!


**Made By Her ARTISAN COACHING - If you are interested in even more business resources for learning how to grow your artisan business online, check out our new platform, Made By Her Artisan Coaching, to see more bundled membership options! 


What are the requirements to sell with Made By Her?

  • Identify as a female artist and want to be part of our community.

  • Products While we don't have any specific product requirements, we do ask that the work be of high quality with high quality materials. Our submissions team will make the final decision as to whether or not they feel the work would be a good fit for out marketplace and target audience

  • Bath & Body Vendors - due to the highly sensitive nature of bath and body products and the additional risk involved with having the product go on someone's skin or be burned in someone's personal space, we now require all Bath & Body vendors to carry insurance (specifically for selling soap or candles). We also require that you have been selling your product for a minimum of 5 years before applying to sell within our marketplace.

  • Main Product Photo Requirements:
    -   Have good lighting without any major glares or shadows
    -   No hands or people in the photos unless professionally modeled. We do not want to take away the focus from your creation
    -   Light/minimalist/neutral background, no personal items but greenery, flowers, or something from nature is suggested. (We don't encourage gray backgrounds as they feel very dark, like you're shopping in an old store with poor lighting, and don't bring out the best in the piece itself.)
    -   If you use staging props, please do not use anything that could be mistaken for a product that could be listed in our marketplace.

  • Be a Community Member - please help promote our marketplace whenever you can (tag us in your posts, link to your online booth with us if you don't have your own website, or at least periodically). This is not something we monitor but something asked of our sellers on a personal level. We promise to promote your work as though it were our own and we ask that you help promote our platform in return #womensupportingwomen

    Does a percentage of profits go to charity?
    • Yes! With every order we receive, we donate $1 to No Kid Hungry which provides 10 meals to children in need.

    How do sales/orders work?

    • Customers can browse through our website and select as many items as they would like to purchase. Upon ordering from your booth, you will get an email to notify you that you've received a new order!
      • What if I sell an item elsewhere and then it sells on Made By Her? - you will have the option to deny an order fulfillment request; however, if you are regularly unable to fulfill orders, you may be asked to leave the marketplace
    • When you are ready to ship the item purchased, you can either print a custom shipping label through us or provide your own then Fulfill the order in our marketplace so the customer knows it's on its way

    When do sellers get paid?

    • We do payouts weekly on Wednesdays (money usually takes 2 days to process so sellers should receive funds on Friday) for the prior week from Monday-Sunday

    What do I do if I want to take a break from online selling for a while?
    • We now offer a Vacation Mode which can be set within your account settings.

    How does shipping work?

    • We offer custom shipping options for our sellers and have a full tutorial explaining how to set it up listed in our Shop FAQ once you've registered with us

    • We do require already made items to ship within 7 days. Made-to-order items may take longer but all shipping estimates must be listed in your product's description.

    Does Made By Her accept returns?

    • Short answer... Yes. However, this is ultimately determined by the artist/seller. Sellers should list in their product descriptions whether or not they allow returns. If it is not listed, customers can contact Made By Her (Contact page listed in bottom footer menu) and we will reach out to the seller directly.
    • You can read more about returns in our Refund Policy (also listed in the bottom footer menu of our site).

    Who collects sales tax?

    • Made By Her is based out of California so we only collect sales tax for this state until our sales numbers grow in other states. (**If you need to be collecting sales tax for your business and you are outside of California, it will need to be added to your listing price and deducted as your own cost when you do your accounting.)

    • To read more about U.S. taxes for online marketplaces, please check out our blog post U.S. Taxes Explained.

    Does Made By Her send out 1099-K tax forms?

    • If you receive more than $22,000 and 200 transactions in payouts from us within the calendar year, you will receive a 1099-K tax form.

      Does Made By Her accept submissions from outside of the United States?

      • Yes! However, our primary marketing efforts are directed mostly to the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom at this time. If we get more artists wanting to sign up outside of those areas, we will look to expand.


          Where do I go if I have further issues either with listing or purchasing a product or have an issue with a buyer or seller?

          • Please contact us if you have any issues or questions not answered on this page. The fastest way to get in touch with us is through our Contact form in our footer menu at the bottom of each page. Once submitted, someone from our customer support team will get back to you within 24-48 hours.


          Have all your questions answered and like what you've learned?


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