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What is Made By Her?

We’re like Etsy but curated for women by women.

Made By Her is a female artist collective with an art-festival-style online marketplace to showcase high quality, handmade items that are not just arts and crafts, but genuine creativity and skill brought to life. Our marketplace has worldwide convenience with a local boutique feel to make each shop stand out. Female artisans create and design their own online "booth" and buyers will be able to shop as though they were at their own personal art show.

Where did Made By Her come from?

Hi! My name is Tiffany and I am the founder of the Made By Her Marketplace, the marketplace supporting female artists and helping children of women in need with every order. (And no, the "Her" is not me!)

I used to have my own artisan business selling decorative blanket ladders and was able to grow it from my first $20 sale to a full time income within 2 years.
Tiffany Millen - Founder of Made By Her

Toward the end of 2019, I started becoming really unhappy with the online spaces for makers and artists to sell their work. I'd taken a break from my ladder business and wanted to start selling some original drawing screen-printed shirts I'd made but I quickly discovered the online marketplaces were starting to either become over-run with resellers or charging so much in transaction fees that the artists themselves barely made a profit.
Later that afternoon, as I was walking to my son's school to pick him up for the day (at the time, we lived in the apartments across the street), I decided a curated online marketplace should be created specifically for REAL artists, the ones who had been studying their craft for years and now wanted to make it their full time gig.

Why Made By "Her"?

Upon thinking on this "curated marketplace" idea, I also remembered that 87% of featured art in galleries was comprised of work done by men. I'm not even an active feminist but reading that fact plus remembering ALL the times people would ask me how my "little business" was going, I decided to make this marketplace for female artists ONLY so they would start being seen as the true artists they are instead of just "hobbyists".

Within a month I'd found someone to help me build the website and, while we had a few speed bumps along the way (in September of 2020, I found out one day that I was pregnant and the next day that my dad was going into the hospital, ultimately not to go home again), we launched in March of 2021 with about 75 artists listing with us and we haven't stopped growing!

What's the vision?

These platforms were created to promote, serve, and support women all over the United States and beyond.

I want society to see women for the beautiful creators (and badass babes!) we are, both of artisan-made goods and success after adversity, whether it's being seen as second best, assigned to gender roles, or not being appreciated in the roles we did sign up for.


(Read even more about the road to building Made By Her in our 1 Year Anniversary Blog Post)


How we support women in need...

1 Order = 10 Meals for Hungry Children

Women have an innate nature to care for people and, being the mother of two, I would happily raise my hand to help a child in need. Knowing you're having a hard time feeding your children, especially as a mother, would be soul crushing. Knowing you're doing everything you can to create a good life for them and feeling like the weight of the world is tipping against your favor would be beyond overwhelming.

Mother to mother, woman to woman, I never want you to feel that way. So I've decided, at the end of each month, I will count the number of orders we get and make a donation on behalf of Made By Her to provide 10x that in number of meals served to hungry children in America.