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Our mission is to help women artists be seen while offering convenient shopping for quality, nature-inspired, handcrafted goods that make you feel more connected in this fast-paced world and elevate your everyday small moments to build a beautiful life.


What is Made By Her?

Tiffany Millen, Founder of Made By Her

Made By Her was founded by Tiffany Millen and is an online, boutique-style, marketplace and women artist collective to showcase high quality, handmade items that are not just arts and crafts, but genuine creativity and skill brought to life by talented women.

 Our marketplace has worldwide convenience with a local boutique feel to make each shop stand out. Female artisans create and design their own online "booth" and buyers will be able to shop as though they were at their own personal art show. 

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Our Artists...

Made By Her Artists

 Most of our vendors are from the United States with a few in Europe. Each one is put through an approval process in order to list their work within our marketplace and one of our requirements is that it must be mostly handmade with little to no machinery used in the making process. We are proud to work with these woman-owned businesses and have them part of our community.

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Made By Her Artisan Coaching...

In January of 2023, Made By Her Artisan Coaching was launched to help the women artists who'd applied to sell within our marketplace and didn't get approved due or those just looking to grow their artisan business on their own. 


How we give back...

1 Order = 10 Meals for Hungry Children

Women have an innate nature to care for people and, being the mother of two, I would happily raise my hand to help a child in need. Knowing you're having a hard time feeding your children, especially as a mother, would be soul crushing. Knowing you're doing everything you can to create a good life for them and feeling like the weight of the world is tipping against your favor would be beyond overwhelming.

Mother to mother, woman to woman, I never want you to feel that way. So I've decided, at the end of each month, I will count the number of orders we get and make a donation on behalf of Made By Her to provide 10x that in number of meals served to hungry children in America.