About Us

Convenient artisan shopping for the lovers of handmade who want to support woman-owned businesses

We encourage women to create beautiful things, including daily rituals that are full of meaning. We bring shoppers and female artisans together so that each can quench their thirst for an authentic, passionate life.


Made By Her was created to be an art-festival-style online marketplace to showcase high quality, handmade items that are not just arts and crafts, but genuine creativity and skill brought to life by female artisans and makers. This marketplace has its own, unique, boutique feel to make each shop stand out instead of getting lost in the large world of e-commerce shuffle. Female artisans  create and design their own online "booth" and buyers will be able to shop as though they were at their own personal art show.

Women’s art has been understated through the course of history and, even now, women who make things as either a side job, or have been creating their whole life, often get grouped into a category of arts and crafters who people think have nothing better to do with their time. Well, for some of you, it’s more than just a hobby and it’s more than just a past time. For some of you, it’s a gift. For some of you, it’s the reason you were put on this earth and we want to help you share that passion with the world. We want to help you stand out from those with a simple hobby or those who are still in the learning process, working out the kinks (but don’t worry, we want you to join us too once you have perfected your craft a little more!) We want to showcase your skills to the world and do it with a community of women who are right there with you, with products that are also… made by her. 

We hope one day to be able to host in-person festivals all around the United States with food and music and those same twinkly lights amongst the trees but, for now, we strive to give you a one-of-a-kind online space to buy and sell beautiful handmade goods until that day comes.

(A message from our founder...)


My name is Tiffany and I am the founder of Made By Her. I'm not usually one to put my face on things, especially with this project, because I didn't want to take away from the talented artists Made By Her represents.

However, as we are starting to grow, we are receiving more and more inquiries as to who is behind this platform and I realized that I would want to know who I was selling with and buying from before referring my friends and family, especially in a time when there are so many artificial sites out there.

I'm a maker myself actually. I used to make wooden blanket ladders and sold them on an e-commerce site for over two years. When my family and I downsized to a smaller place, I lost my workspace but never the inspiration I got from handmade pieces. I would still search online for handmade things when looking for gifts or pieces to decorate our home but started noticing the online space was getting flooded and it took a lot of sifting to find higher quality work. I kept wanting to find something different. (I later found a website that is a directory for "actually handmade" items sold on Etsy and, after talking to the founder of it, Kellie, I learned that she was trying to create something authentic too.)

Then, during the summer, a city I live close to held an annual outdoor art festival called the Sawdust Festival. It is set within a canyon with huge trees, rocks that form a small waterfall, wood chips all over the ground, and lights stringing from the branches for nighttime. It was dreamy and as I walked through the rows of artists and artisans, I thought "dang, I wish all art buying was like this." After the festival, I walked through some other local art galleries nearby and noticed how many men were featured vs. women. I was feeling like I was one of few in the female gender who appreciated handmade items but, the next day, I was on social media and found more and more female makers and thought, "why are THESE not showcased anywhere?!" ...and so the idea for Made By Her came to be.

I decided to create this platform with some money I'd been left by my late grandfather who always told me to go for my dreams, and development for the site started in February 2020. When the pandemic hit the next month, I wasn't sure if we should put it all on hold or keep going and, with the online space getting increasingly popular, decided to continue onward. This space is meant to be a showcase for female artists and artisans and for their beautiful work so they can be seen as the professionals they are, not just as hobbiests, and a place customers can shop, knowing they'll get something actually handmade by someone who is a top artisan in their craft.

This is the story of where the idea for Made By Her came from. The company is based out of Southern California and we just want to put a new perspective on buying handmade artistic items online (and give you a renaissance feel at the same time!) I hope you'll explore our marketplace as I explored that local art festival and find something that truly speaks to you. Know that it was made by someone who creates because it lights up their heart and soul. It was made by someone with a story who pours their whole spirit into each piece. And of course, it was made by Her.

(Read even more about the road to building Made By Her in our 1 Year Anniversary Blog Post)



1 Order = 10 Meals for Hungry Children

Women have an innate nature to care for people and, being the mother of two, I would happily raise my hand to help a child in need. Knowing you're having a hard time feeding your children, especially as a mother, would be soul crushing. Knowing you're doing everything you can to create a good life for them and feeling like the weight of the world is tipping against your favor would be beyond overwhelming.

Mother to mother, woman to woman, I never want you to feel that way. So I've decided, at the end of each month, I will count the number of orders we get and make a donation on behalf of Made By Her to provide 10x that in number of meals served to hungry children in America.