A Month of Gratitude


Made By Her Canvas Tote Bag

Place an order through the Made By Her marketplace for over $50 and you can get your very own Made By Her Canvas Tote Bag from us as a thank you for shopping!

Just use Coupon Code "HOLIDAYGIFT" at checkout!

A Message From Our Founder...

There are a lot of feelings about handmade things being sold at a discounted rate because of the holidays but yet it's our country's culture to offer discounts...

What is Made By Her's take on "Holiday Discounts"?

We encourage our artists and makers to sell however they feel comfortable. Selling a one-of-a-kind painting is not the same as buying a mass-produced print from a discount store but, if an artist is kind enough to offer her work at a lower rate, then that is her choice. Or, if she can't afford to lower her price anymore because she keeps her margins minimal all year round for the benefit of the customer, we support if she doesn't run any "specials" at all.

As the founder of Made By Her, however, I want to be able to say "thank you" to our customers for taking the time to shop our marketplace, support the women on our platform, and for that I will be offering MY OWN "specials" (or "thank you gifts" as I like to think of them) this holiday season.

If it is a dollar amount taken off the order, 100% of that discount is consumed by the marketplace itself; artists will still get paid their usual rate.

So thank you, to those of you purchasing from Made By Her this year. Know that we appreciate every single order that comes through and that it really IS changing someone's life and putting a smile on their face because they are getting to do what they love.

***BONUS GIFT: Anyone who places an order through Made By Her from now until the end of the year will get my very own Apple Butter Recipe for you to make for your family!***

(Gifts that are free with purchase are not able to be replaced with any other item or exchanged for a discount on an order.)