The Power of Aesthetics

You might think of "aesthetics" as just part of a phrase to create a dream board on Pinterest, (does anyone else just type in "rustic boho aesthetic" just to fantasize for a little bit or is it just me?) but it's so much more than that.

Boho Woman Aesthetic

"Aesthetics" refers to the study and appreciation of beauty and art. It is actually a crucial component of the human experience that has been valued throughout history. The importance of aesthetics lies in the fact that it really does enhance quality of life and enriches our senses on a day to day basis so that we can enjoy and live in our fullest potential instead of just surviving.

One of the fundamental reasons why aesthetics is important is because it adds beauty to the world around us. Artistic expression is a vital part of human culture and has been used to tell stories, convey emotions, and communicate ideas to one another to help us connect. By appreciating art (a form of aesthetic), we can gain a greater understanding of both the world and ourselves. It also helps to create a sense of community and shared values, as we can come together to enjoy and appreciate works of art.

Modern Brick With Wall Hanging by Christina Venturini
"Zion" Wall Tapestry by Christina Venturini

Aesthetics also plays a significant role in our personal lives. The design of our homes, clothing, and personal belongings can all influence our mood and wellbeing. A space that is designed to fit our own aesthetic creates a sense of calm, tranquility, familiarity, and comfort while a cluttered or poorly designed environment can cause stress and anxiety. (And we all know there's enough of that going around right now. Why add more to it?)

Boho Desert Wall Art Print by Samantha AshleyBoho Desert Landscape Watercolor by Samantha Ashley

Our personal appearance and grooming can also affect how we feel about ourselves and how we are perceived by others. Ever notice how just by wearing a favorite outfit or group of bracelets can make you feel more confident almost instantly?

While it may seem like a trendy word to use when searching for your next maxi skirt or redesigning your living room to match the coastal grandmother, it's actually something that can shape our day to day lives and, ultimately, the success we have in our future.

Bold Abstract Painting With Pinks, Purples, and Greens By Sheral SlyOriginal Art On Gallery Wrapped Canvas by ArtbySheral

So the next time you think, "I don't really need that really detailed wall hanging or that cool ring that I swear just spoke to me in my own love language," think again. Enhancing the aesthetic of your life might just give you the energy and excitement to go out and try something new, start on your dream, or go meet someone new who could add an abundance of value in your life.

The importance of aesthetics cannot be overstated. It plays a vital role in enhancing our day to day life, creating a sense of calm in our home, and increasing confidence. By appreciating and valuing aesthetics, we can gain a greater understanding of, not just ourselves, but the world around us as well.

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