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  • 6 Spooky Halloween Handmades

    Halloween is fast approaching and while we count down to the blessed day of the year where we can eat candy until our stomachs hurt while wearing a costume and not be judged (well, maybe a little) ourĀ artists have been busy making jack o' lantern, ghost, and witch inspired goodies!
  • A Look Inside the Pacific Northwest Plein Air Exhibition of 2021

    All of the paintings for this event were done on site. [We] had three and a half days to do enough paintings in order to turn in four paintings to beĀ judged. We also had the option to turn in two alternateĀ paintings so, if a painting sells, another could take itsĀ place. I actually did 13 paintings and chose my favorites to submit.

  • Story Behind the Artist - Kristina Sellers

    Many artists paint from feeling and Kristina is no different as she paints to impart a special something in the viewers and buyers of her work. Her pieces focus on the humble beauty of the natural world and her desire is to bring as much attention to it as she can with each detailed stroke of her paintbrush. A single piece can tell an entire story and Kristina is honored to have been titled a visual storyteller because of her work.Ā Ā 
  • Story Behind the Artist - Karen Burns

    Karen Burnsā€™ work is like what you would see in a museum or well-known, high end hotel lobby as a large, main focal point. The images she paints are so realistic that they make you take a second look, wondering if what you are seeing is a painting or a photograph.
  • Story Behind the Artist - Jennifer Stein

    Whimsical, enchanting, and dreamy. Those are the words we would use to describe the work of Jennifer Stein, a talented acrylic painter who loves creating floral abstracts that will take your mind to another feminine dimension. Click here to read more about this talented female artist.