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When I think of the word “artisan”, a picture comes to mind of someone hunched over their work, a focused look on their face as they concentrate on minute details of what they are crafting, dirt or paint on the apron they’re wearing, and an imaginary vignette around them, putting everything else in the room out of focus, and you can’t help but only see the artisan themselves as they work on their creation. Sure, there are a lot of things that could be considered “artisan”, especially these days, but my natural instinct is to think of someone making pottery.

Perhaps it’s because it’s one of the oldest handmade crafts of humankind, dating back over 30,000 years when people first realized that, if you heated clay in fire, it became much more permanent in its shape, but it still holds the original meaning of the word “artisan” for me just as painting holds the original meaning of the word “artist”.

vivian fundora-pastoriza ceramic artisan


Vivian Fundora-Pastoriza not only represents the “artisan” name by being a creator of beautiful handcrafted items, but she creates pottery which embodies the old-world charm that makes it a classic invention by humanity.

Vivian was born in Cuba then came to the United States when she was 19 years old. It was then that she attended college for Interior Design but, because she’d always known she wanted to work with her hands, she also took classes at the Miami League of Ceramics, giving her the ability to express her love for creating, and for nature, that she’d always wanted. She loves the complexity of the medium and specializes in hand-building, meaning she shapes each of her pieces with her hands instead of a wheel.

“[I find] hand-building with ceramics is a very rewarding art form that involves precision and technique,” Vivian tells us. Her work is a representation of nature itself; its texture, its color, its shape, and form. It’s what most inspires Vivian when she thinks of something new to create. “I absorb all of nature’s elements and translate [them] into my work.”

 espresso leaf mug

Her favorite pieces to make are those that serve both as a functional piece in someone’s home but also as a work of art that can be a conversation piece as well. For example, her Fiddle Leaf Serving Dishes or her Clutch Pocket Vases are both perfect examples of unique home décor but also serve a purpose and function. She loves creating in her studio amongst her plants, music, and her dog, Monette.

Vivian lives in Miami, Florida and works closely with her business partner, Carlos, who created the visual aesthetic of the Roots and Pots Brand along with the content for all of their social media platforms. They recently just celebrated their two year anniversary of their brand! We did a bit of digging and discovered the meaning behind the Roots and Pots name as well:

 vivian and carlos roots and pots

“Roots, mean the forms, the movement, the combination of harmony, [and] the sensitivity of the object. Pots means the material that is born from our hands, the achieved feeling of an idea, the passion to see the final result.”

So if you’re one of us those who is inspired by the great outdoors and loves having it in their home as well (maybe even on their Easter dining table?), check out Vivian’s collection and find which piece speaks to you. From tableware to ceramic wall décor, she has a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, each one unique, full of natural character, and ready to make someone’s home that much more beautiful for years to come.


**Editor’s note: This article was composed as a joint effort between the Made By Her staff and Vivian herself. You can find her work listed in her online booth, Roots and Pots. Photography done by Roberto Pastoriza Photographics.

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