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Story Behind the Artist - Raffieal Wallace

Love. You will hear that word a lot this month. It is what some people say “makes the world go ‘round”. Most of the time, when we hear the word “love”, we think of it being between two people, such as a warm embrace or someone’s hand reaching for another’s. But love is not always carried out in romance; it is a deep passion for something, whether it be a person or simply something that lights a person’s heart on fire every time they’re around it. This is the case for Raffieal Wallace and her love of creating uniquely beautiful, boho-style jewelry.

As all good love stories begin, Raffieal’s love of jewelry making started in an unexpected way. It was actually after she’d just had her hair cut really short that she decided she wanted a cute headband to show it off. She looked online and found a few she liked but realized she could make something similar herself (and save on shipping costs at the same time). She then went to the craft store and made her own version of the headband she saw online. After wearing it to work, her coworkers loved it so much that they suggested she make a pair of earrings to match… and so the love story began. 

Ten years ago, when Raffieal first started making jewelry, she used a small dinner table in her bedroom to work at and, to this day, it is still her favorite place to create; however now that table sits in a bedroom she has turned into her studio.

When we asked Raffieal where her inspiration comes from, she told us it comes from the excitement of other people when they see her work. “Going to craft shows [and] seeing the reaction people have to my jewelry gives me motivation. Being around different people listening and learning what they like gives me ideas, it makes me want to try different things.” She also shared with us that she works with a group of young ladies who are always encouraging her to try new designs and styles. She loves the challenge and the world is a brighter place for it. 

Every piece that comes from Raffieal’s studio is “imperfectly designed” as she states in the Her Story tab in her online booth with us, but we would call them “imperfectly perfect”. While each bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings does have inconsistencies, it’s those inconsistencies that gives them their character and the true feeling that you’ve purchased something made by artisan hands.

We all want to experience love in our life and wearing any jewelry made by Raffieal Wallace will unavoidably pass along the love she has for her craft and brighten your spirit as soon as you put it on. Many artists are passionate about their work but Raffieal’s affection for hers is almost unbeatable.

Raffieal lives in Mississippi with her husband and two children and has been a part of Made By Her with her online booth, Tangles, since before we even launched our online marketplace. She embodies the passion we want all of our artists to have who sell with us and we can’t wait for you to see her full collection of boho-rustic jewelry if you haven’t already.

Remember that love does not need to be embodied by someone sitting across from you at a restaurant or even next to you on the couch as you watch your favorite tv show. Love is what lights your heart on fire whether it’s reading your favorite book, walking on your favorite hiking trail, or creating a beautiful pair of earrings to go with your new headband. So just like we encourage all artists to do, find what makes your heart light up and fill your life with it.

Go. Create. Love.


**Editor’s note: This article was composed as a joint effort between the Made By Her staff and Raffieal herself. You can find her work listed in the online booth Tangles.

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