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Story Behind the Artist - Kate Tomasini

KT Creative Goods


We all have those little things that keep us up at night or tap us on the shoulder throughout the day, whether it’s a headache, small joint pain, or just everyday stress, and quite often we are on the lookout for that special remedy to give us peace and relief. Not all of us will be successful, some will only find something that works temporarily but eventually leads to other symptoms, and we have to start the search all over again for something better and more effective.

Queue in Kate.

Working mom. Lover of essential oils. Desire for making something her own… Sound familiar? This month’s featured artisan, Kate Tomasini, decided to take her love of essential oils and turn it into a full-blown business. Here is her story. We share it with you, not just to highlight her talent as a female maker, but also hopefully to inspire other female makers to reach out of their shell and go for their dreams just like she did.

Kate Tomasini KT Creative Goods

As we mentioned, Kate is a busy, full-time working mom, who also loves all things crafty. She stumbled upon essential oils after trying everything she could think of to help alleviate the pain in her hips & joints after the birth of her son, Charlie.  Through that search, she discovered the magical essential oil called Copaiba, an oil commonly used as an anti-inflammatory, and was instantly hooked.

Upon finding such a successful remedy for her pain, Kate couldn’t help but explore the world of essential oils more and started creating essential oil 'wellness' roller blends for any ailment or occasion. She tried a bunch of different oil combinations, feeling a lot like a character from the Hocus Pocus movie, and has now created an all-natural, bath, body & wellness, aromatherapy self-care product line called KT Creative Goods. Her line not only includes her ‘wellness’ roller blends but also has hand scrubs, face wash, body butter, deodorant, bath fizzies, and even products for the kiddos like her ‘Monster Away’ bedtime spray. The list goes on as her online booth is full of amazing gifts, either for yourself or your loved ones, both big and small, old and young. 

KT Creative Goods

All of her products are handcrafted in small, artisanal batches to ensure freshness and quality, and she never uses preservatives. Her proprietary blended goods have been created with purposeful ingredients and thoughtful intention to provide an enhanced array of supportive healing & wellness benefits too.

When she’s not moonlighting online as a femaleprenuer, she works full time as a national talent acquisition director for a Big 4 accounting firm. She currently lives on the East Coast in Melrose, MA with her husband Eric and her now 8 year old son, Charlie. 

KT Creative Goods

 Her products and artistic journey are inspiring and we hope it sparks a desire in you as well to find something you love, make it your own, and share it with the world.

“I hope you can feel the love & passion that go into each one of my handmade, all natural goodies I create.” – Kate; KT Creative Goods


**Editor’s note: This article was composed as a joint effort between the Made By Her staff and Kate herself. 

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