Spring Trends: What's Popular in Handmade for 2023

- What's Trending in Handmade for Spring 2023 - 

Whether you're the type of person to follow the trends or make them yourself, the word "trend" makes people's ears perk up. People can't help but ask themselves, "do I like what everyone else likes?" whether they want that answer to be yes or no. In researching for this blog post though, I discovered one thing... I've never really been into trends.

I was going to try and write this blog post about what was super popular in fashion and home decor right now and pair it with items we have available in our marketplace but, the truth is, other than the "restorative spaces" (that pair really nicely with our Bath & Body and Home Fragrance collections, by the way) and the concept of "bringing nature indoors" per the Jane at Home Blog, I didn't see a lot that I related to and was really okay with that, maybe even a little proud. I don't like sequins, I really don't like flashy, neon colors, and I've never been into geometric patterns (except in quilts, those can be gorgeous).

I then looked up "what is trending in handmade in 2023" and that is what I will share with you today.

These are the items that people will be shopping for the most, especially this spring, so, if you see something you like, don't wait long to click "I'm ready to checkout" or else it might be marked SOLD OUT by the time you decide you're ready, and we all know how awful that is when that happens.

So without further ado...

Top Trends in Handmade for Spring 2023:

1. Plant Pots & Planters

Handmade Spring Trends 2023 - Plant Pots & Planters

Not only does the Made By Her Marketplace have beautiful vases to choose from, we also have unique planters from one of our best selling artisans, Vivian with Roots and Pots. Not only will these organic-style planters be perfect for your delicate spring flowers, they also add a level of craftsmanship that will help you stop and appreciate the beauty of the day instead of having "water plants" listed as just another "to do" item.


2. Soap

Spring 2023 Trends - Soap | Made By Her

Dreamy, pretty-smelling, artisan-quality soap. What better feeling is there when you're ready to wind down from the day in a nice hot shower and you grab your favorite smelling soap to re-nourish your skin. Not only do our soap artisans take extra care when making each small batch of their soap, many of them started making it in the first place to fulfill a need they couldn't find the answer to anywhere else. Try some for yourself and see what you think!


3. Home Fragrance

Handmade Spring 2023 Trends - Home Fragrance | Made By Her Marketplace

Whether you're wanting to spruce up your bedroom, living room, closet, or shower, our Home Fragrance collection has a wide variety of scents that will fit your vibe perfectly and let the stress of every-day just melt away with the squeeze of a spray bottle or the lighting of a candle. Know that you are refreshing your home with carefully crafted scents, perfected over time for the ultimate feeling of relaxation.


4. Polymer Clay Jewelry

Handmade Spring Trends 2023 - Polymer Clay Jewelry | Made By Her Marketplace

Polymer clay jewelry has become increasingly popular over the last few years due to its light weight and yet strong-holding material along with its ability to be molded into the most unique designs. We have the honor of hosting several polymer clay artisans including the ones who made these sweetly elegant rainbow dangles and mountain birth flower earrings. Be sure to check out more from Studio 308 and Harper Leigh Designs!


5. Resin Jewelry

Handmade Spring Trends in 2023 - resin jewelry | Made By Her Marketplace

Resin jewelry is like a small moment captured and preserved in time. Their usual glossy finish is like a twinkle on a memory that you can look back on with love. Check out more resin jewelry by shopping Helen Ethel Jewelry, Her Hero Jewelry, and Northern Tides Studio.


6. Tote Bags

Handmade Spring Trends 2023 - Tote Bags | Made By Her Marketplace

Large tote bags are good for so much more than reminding us we need a glasses case for our sunglasses (let's face it, we all know sunglasses should be kept in a case now with how much they get thrown around during our busy schedule). They're also great for carrying bigger wallets (because, yes, we have to keep ALL of our gift cards in there at one time in case we happen to visit that particular store again; we wouldn't want to lose the opportunity to save), books or kindles, that big water bottle you purchased to remind yourself to drink more and stay hydrated, and, let's be honest, a few extra snacks from home when you go to the movies. (How much is popcorn these days?)


7. Woven or Knotted Home Decor

Handmade Spring Trends 2023 - Hand-Woven & Textile Art | | Made By Her Marketplace

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is hand-woven or knotted home decor. Not only are hand-woven or knotted wall art pieces something beautiful that you can reach out and feel the material of, they also immediately add a very soft and organic feel to any space. Shop more in our Fiber & Textile Arts Collection!


So while we won't be running to the nearest runway to check the fashion trends for Spring of 2023, we do suggest you virtually run to the checkout cart for our online marketplace before some of these one-of-a-kind finds gets snatched up.

Spring is meant to be a time of new life, new energy, and the start of new ideas. So once you finish your spring cleaning, be sure to add something new to your space or wardrobe that reminds you of your commitment to live your best life and know that you are worthy of all the good that is to come.

Happy springtime, friend!

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