5 Ways To Reduce Stress By Elevating Small Moments

Woman cooking & how to reduce stress by elevating small moments


We all have a million things on multiple to-do lists and it never feels like we have enough hours in the day to do what we really want anymore, right?

Do you immediately burst into laughter or go straight-faced when someone tells you to “take a spa day” or “have a night out for some you” time because you’re thinking, “when the heck do I have time for that?!”

If so, we’ve got a trick that we use all the time… it’s called elevating small moments.

Not sure what that means? Don’t worry, we’re about to explain…

Elevating small moments is where you take a moment of your day that feels small, irrelevant, and maybe even a bit boring (such as doing the dishes, folding laundry, or driving around doing a million errands from your to do list before taking your kids to one of their hundred different activities) and making it enjoyable.

These tasks can feel repetitive, pointless, and heavy over time if we let them. They increase stress because we begin to think these are the things our life is based around instead of chasing our actual dreams… But another option is to make them your favorite moments of the day.

Here’s how… ever open the window on a warm day while you’re doing dishes just to feel the breeze on your face? That’s elevating a small moment.

Ever put music on while folding laundry to make the time go faster? That’s elevating a small moment.

Elevating small moments is taking a mundane task and making it magical and we’ve got a list of five in particular.

Here's 5 ways to elevate a small moment to help reduce stress and make your life feel more intentional, stress-free, and something you're in control of...

1) Washing your hands

Ever since 2020, I think we've all started washing our hands more than we used to. Instead of having it be "one more thing to remember", add in a beautiful soap dispenser and let it be a moment you can slow down & feel inspired.


2) Eating over your sink when you're in a hurry

We all have those days when we're on the run. Add a small art print to a blank space in your kitchen so you can take a moment to reflect as you eat your meal-on-the-go.

3) When you're cooking

Ever feel like making dinner is an event in itself? One you'd rather pass off to someone else who will also serve it to you with a charming smile and calorie-free dessert? Bring a little magic back into cooking with a special spoon that's just for you.

4) Running Errands

Who says you have to go to the grocery store in a frump? Add a bracelet to your wrist that you can see as you're driving... even if you're wearing sweatpants & a baseball cap!

5) Working From Home

Find yourself not leaving home as much? Make your space extra special, whether you're running from room to room or sitting at your desk with these essential-oil room sprays.

(*They're even good in the shower!)

What feels like your most boring thing to do?

Share it with us along with a photo of yourself for a chance to be featured in one of our upcoming emails!

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