How to Create a Nostalgic Summer in 2023

Oh those summer days and nights... they seem to have a magical way of taking us right back to our childhood (at least in memory) where the days were filled with popsicles, sprinklers, and s'mores.

Or maybe they remind you of when you got to go to your first bonfire without your parents, drinking and staying up late, then spending the next day recovering by the local pool. 

No matter what, the season of summertime always seems to bring up special memories of days past. But they don't have to be as far away as they seem. Why not make this summer as full of special memories as the ones in years long ago?

Here are 6 things to help you create a nostalgic summer in 2023:

1. Nights with friends around the fire


Nights spent by the fire with friends is as classic as the s'more itself. But now that we're older, it's more than just the sweet taste of that almost-burnt marshmallow as it hits your tongue and you can feel the graham cracker crumbs falling in your lap, it's about reliving good times past and dreaming about the future. It's about having "just one more drink", stoking the fire so it's just right, and being mesmerized by the flames as it lures you into your happy place.
These drinking glasses are hand blown and come in multiple colors so you can choose whichever one matches your decor style the most. Made in Texas, they know what it's like to face the heat and would be a perfect fire-side companion.


2. Road trip!

Summer road trip with peacock tote bag


Whether you're spending a few weeks on the road to explore new places, leaving the map behind (or at least not checking it on your phone) or simply taking an overnight trip in a nearby city only a few hours away, road trips have a special way of helping us unwind - especially when the cell reception and wifi run out - and reconnect with those who are in the car with us. 

This large tote bag is big enough for a change of clothes, a good book, and your toiletries so you can grab it an go whenever the summer breeze blows you in a new direction.


3. Craft Like A Kid

Patriotic summer crafts for kids and adults

Patriotic DIY Mosaic Craft Painting Kit For Kids & Adults made by Sweet Love Adornments

Whether you're a little kid or a busy adult, there's nothing like slowing down to embrace your artistic side. (We would know!) Let the paint flow, let your worries flow away, and let your imagination come to life. Be silly. Be creative. Be a kid again.

These DIY kits come with removable pieces so you actually don't even have to worry about painting in the lines. Simply paint each piece then put the picture back together (don't worry, there's a template) and you'll have yourself some artwork you can pull out every summer!


4. Summer Concerts

Summer concert with sunflower hat
The volume is up and your worries have gone away (or at least you can't hear them over the music!) so there's nothing else to do but sing and dance along. And, if you don't have a favorite hat to cover up that messy, summer hair, find one in our marketplace to fit your style!


5. Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade

Fresh Summer Lemonade with artisan pitcher


Do you remember playing all day outside then running in the house and your mom had a cold glass of sweet lemonade ready for you and all your friends? You probably guzzled it down as quickly as possible so you could get back to your adventures but the lingering tangy sweetness would stay in your mouth for hours. 

Need a recipe? We'll share ours...

1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 cup simple-syrup (1 cup water and 1 cup sugar heated over medium heat until clear)
6 cups water
Lots of ice for serving


6. Keepsake Journaling

Summer gratitude journaling with artisan journal


Don't let these memories wist away so fast. Keep a journal of them so you can look back and re-live them each year. Whether you write out a full diary of simply write down all the things you were grateful for each day, these memories can be cherished for a lifetime or more.


Summer doesn't just have to be about being hot and trying to find some shade, it should be about letting go, feeling young again, exploring new roads, and maybe running after an ice cream truck if you have one (if not, find a new favorite place to get it).

What's your favorite thing to do in the summer months that reminds you of your childhood? Share it in the comments below!

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