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How is Made By Her Different from Etsy and Other Handmade Marketplaces

How is Made By Her Different From Etsy?

Almost everyone who likes to make or shop handmade things has heard of the original online marketplace for all things crafting and vintage inspired, Etsy.

Etsy started as a community of crafters looking for an online space to sell their jewelry, trinkets, and myriad of other unique items along with experiencing the community that comes with a group of people who have a genuine interest in common.

But Etsy, over the years, has gone from a booming artist-community-based platform to another online monster that is now ranked along with eBay and Amazon and has lost its artist flare. Just the other day, I searched for "serving tray" just to see what I could find and a listing for Spider Man paper plates (like the kind you'd find at Target or Party City) popped up. I then tried to search for "artisan necklaces" and ads for the same necklace photo took up the top 10 listings and the ones after it weren't much different. They didn't look unique, they looked like a big machine in a warehouse stamped their shape and then sent it down the assembly line.

For those who love discovering truly hand-crafted goods, whether it's a hammered texture ring or stained glass suncatcher, Etsy is just not where to find it anymore... unless you have a LONG time to search because there ARE truly talented people listing their products there, it's just hard to find the real ones amidst the copies.

So how is Made By Her different from Etsy?

Here are 5 reasons why...

1) Not Just Handmade... Artisan-Made

Anyone can go to their local craft store and make something of their own in an hour, and it might be really pretty, but our artist vendors have either been working at their craft for years or have a natural born talent for making what they do. Artists and artisans will always have to submit their work for approval before being allowed to create an account and start listing products with Made By Her. We want to ensure that customers always find the best of the best, whether they're on the first page or the last of their search results. This ensures quality and customer satisfaction.

Made By Her - Curated Online Marketplace


2) Giving the Spotlight to Female Artists

87% of art galleries around the world feature men's work... we want to ensure women get just as much credit as they do and not just be seen as "hobbyists" when they excel in an art or craft.

Made By Her - Featuring Female Artists


3) A Marketplace Lending a Hand

We pay it forward with every order we receive. Right now, with every order that comes through Made By Her, 10 meals are donated to children of women in need. Sometimes we fall on hard times and feeding our children, let alone ourselves, can feel like a hardship of its own. We want to help feed children so women in need can get back on their feet and create a new life for them and their family.
No Kid Hungry - Feeding Children in Need

4) Empowering Women on a Global Scale

Whether it's from domestic violence, infertility trouble, or always being told to take a backseat when it comes to having a career, women have a profound ability to create beautiful and meaningful lives from adversity. Not only do we want to empower the women selling their artisan-made goods within our marketplace, we want to empower women all over the world to create a life they're truly passionate about.

Made By Her - Women Empowering Women


5) Product Satisfaction Guarantee

While Amazon Handmade might offer this kind of guarantee, not many other marketplaces are able to offer this level of service because their range of product quality is so large. We believe in the work of our artists so much that we guarantee you'll love it or we'll either replace the item or give you your money back.

Product Quality Satisfaction Guarantee Badge - Made By Her


So the next time you think "I want something really original from a true artist and also do my part in supporting woman-owned small businesses", think of Made By Her. We are the marketplace that not only sells beautifully created goods made by beautiful women of all backgrounds, races, and ethnicities who love what they do, but we support YOU in creating a life you love as well.

Until we see you again... Live intentionally, shop handmade.

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  • I’m interested in showing my work on your site. I’m on Etsy but not very happy with them. Please give me info.

    Cindy Klein

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