25 Journal Prompts for Living Authentically in 2023

25 Journal Prompts for Living Authentically in 2023

The Oxford Dictionary defines "authentic" as "of undisputed origin; genuine", but I like to think of the word "authentic" in terms of being completely true of oneself, living YOUR life not by others' standards or trends, but what feels right to you and your own true nature or origin.

With the world being so busy these days, with everyone trying to follow the latest trend and suggestion for better living, we sometimes forget that we already have the answers to our own story right within our own minds... we just have to get quiet enough to hear them.

These journal prompts are written from inspiration for starting a new year as we get closer to the start of 2023 but they can be used at any time, whether it be for months, weeks, or even days.

So, without further ado, here are 25 journal prompts to help you create year of authenticity:

1. What did you love about last year?

2. What did you learn from last year?

3. What do you want to repeat from last year?

4. What do you want to leave behind from last year?

5. What made you laugh the most last year?

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Balancing in Driftwood
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6. What was magical last year?

7. What do you never want to repeat again from last year?

8. What was something you thought was going to be horrible but turned out okay?

9. What are 5 things you want to do again from last year?

10. What was a challenge you experienced last year?

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Faces & Flowers | Punch Needle Art
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11. How did a challenge from last year end up being life-changing for you in a good way?

12. What did you learn about yourself last year? (Both good and bad)

13. Who helped you the most with your goals last year?

14. Who did you learn from most last year?

15. What are 3 things you ABSOLUTELY MUST achieve in this new year?

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Amethyst & Moonstone Pendant
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16. What's one SMALL thing you could do RIGHT NOW to take a step closer to one of those goals?

17. What's one HUGE thing you could do RIGHT NOW to get closer to one of those goals?

18. Who's someone you could ask for help with your new year goals?

19. What are things that could get in the way of you achieving your new goals?

20. How can you avoid/bypass/deter the things that could get in your way?

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Iris Linoprint
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21. What could you add to your life to be a reminder that you MUST achieve those goals this year?

22. What's a reason you'd be heartbroken if you didn't achieve those goals?

23. Who would you be helping if you achieved your goals for the new year?

24. What would be different in your life in 5 years if you achieved your goals?

25. How would you encourage a friend to achieve their goals? (Now repeat them back to yourself)

    Wishing each and every one of you a very happy, prosperous, and beautiful new year!

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