• Story Behind the Artist - Kiah Smith

    You never know what curiosity will breed. It starts with a dim light as though a match is about to burn out but, instead, gets bigger and brighter, little by little. Sometimes the light will fade again and go out completely, but other times it grows to be something that cannot be ignored. This was the case for Kiah Smith with Smithmade Essentials.

  • To All The Independent Women Out There...

    You know when you watch a movie and you see the main character go through something horrible but then they work through it and live a better life because of it? That feeling of “Yes! I want to do that too!” then you dream for the next little while of how you could live your life differently so that you could be like the main character of that movie.I'm here to tell you that you totally could... because you already have.
  • Story Behind the Artist - Cristina, Sofia, and Mariana | Linking Threads

    This month on the blog, we are honored to feature not just one female artist but three, a mother and her two daughters, Cristina, Sofia, and Mariana, who have brought new life themselves to the world of Fiber Art. Their boho-inspired wall art feels so naturally made and adds such a soft element to any space they’re in. They make both small- and large-scale wall hangings along with wall tassels as well, each with its own unique design and character.
  • Story Behind the Artist - Vivian Fundora-Pastoriza

    Vivian Fundora-Pastoriza not only represents the “artisan” name by being a creator of beautiful handcrafted items, but she creates pottery which embodies the old-world charm that makes it a classic invention by humanity. Here is her story.
  • Made By Her Turns 1!

    Here’s Where We Came From… Made By Her Original Logo On March 2, 2021, the Made By Her Marketplace for female artists and artisans went Live. But ...
  • Story Behind the Artist - Raffieal Wallace

    Love. You will hear that word a lot this month. It is what some people say “makes the world go ‘round”. Most of the time, when we hear the word “love”, we think of it being between two people, such as a warm embrace or someone’s hand reaching for another’s. But love is not always carried out in romance; it is a deep passion for something, whether it be a person or simply something that lights a person’s heart on fire every time they’re around it. This is the case for Raffieal Wallace and her love of creating uniquely beautiful, boho-style jewelry.
  • Story Behind the Artist - Jo-Ann Nitzsche

    Modern vintage elegance. That is how we would describe the uniquely beautiful candles from Jo-Ann Nitzsche. She has taken the timeless scented favorites that carry nostalgia from multiple generations, sometimes even vintage tableware, and the vegan and eco-friendly element of the present to make a truly unique line of candles.
  • Story Behind the Artist - Sabine Dodane

    Imagine buying bath and body products from someone who literally grew up amongst the natural ingredients of the products you really love, felt the plants with her hands, smelled their natural aromas, and became familiar with them all over years of cultivating. This was the case for Sabine Dodane of Reves de Sabine.
  • Story Behind the Artist - Vonna Maslanka

    Some may see Vonna’s bracelets as eclectic and out of the ordinary as they vary widely in design and Vonna even admits, “simplicity is not in my vocabulary”, but when you look at them and see each little charm as a different memory from her past, it comes together like a storybook that, while it may have its ups and downs, is still one you want to read because it makes you think of your past as well.
  • Our Favorite Things: October

    In honor of this special month, we thought we'd share some fall favorites with you from the marketplace that we feel would make this season even more memorable for you and your loved ones and carry those memories for years to come.
  • A Look Inside the Pacific Northwest Plein Air Exhibition of 2021

    All of the paintings for this event were done on site. [We] had three and a half days to do enough paintings in order to turn in four paintings to be judged. We also had the option to turn in two alternate paintings so, if a painting sells, another could take its place. I actually did 13 paintings and chose my favorites to submit.

  • Story Behind the Artist - Karen Lee Fisher

    Most children, when they’re young, long for the days they can run outside to play with their friends, hide and seek, hopscotch, and other childhood games that allow them to be free from the walls of daily life and routine. Then there are those who find their passion early and only long for the moments they can get lost in their own little world and nurture their skill as though their soul’s happiness depends on it. This was the story for Karen Lee Fisher.