How to Sync Shopify Listings with Made By Her

Updated March 3, 2022

Getting Started

To sync your own Shopify store to Made By Her, you will first need to create a custom app in your Shopify store.

Creating A Custom App In Shopify

Step 1: Login to your Shopify account and create a custom app from you "Apps" section

Step 2: Click "Create an app", enter the name of the app [Made By Her], then click "Create App"

Step 3: After creating the app, now you'll need to configure Admin APIs by clicking on "configure Admin API scopes"

Now you'll need to provide the required permission for the custom app.


Assigned fulfillment orders (Read and write)
#write_assigned_fulfillment_orders , read_assigned_fulfillment_orders

Fulfillment services (Read and write)
# read_fulfillments, write_fulfillments

Inventory (Read and write)
# read_inventory, write_inventory

Locations (Read Access)
# read_locations

Order Editing (Read and write)
# read_orders, write_orders
Allow this permission if you want to sync the order details with the seller store once edited on the merchant’s store, else don’t allow it.

Orders (Read and write)
# read_orders, write_orders

Products (Read and write)
# read_products, write_product

**Required permissions for Sales Channel Configuration
#write_product_listings, #read_product_listings

**Storefront API access scopes:

After providing the required permission, click on save.

Once the permissions are saved, you will get an option to install the custom app by clicking on the "install app" button.

Step 4: After installing the app, you will get the access token, API key, and secret key.

Now, you will need to copy the access token, API key, and Secret key, and paste them into the "Seller Sync App Configuration" on your Made By Her seller panel.

Syncing With Made By Her

Seller Panel (on Made By Her)

After installing the custom app and obtaining the access token, API key, and secret key, you will need to paste this information into your "Seller Sync App Configuration". To do this, go to your main Seller's Dashboard > Configuration > Seller sync app configurations.

shopify sync 

Enter the access token, API key, and secret key. Enable "Auto Sync New Products" (if you wish) and "Sales Channel" (required), then click Save.

Sales Channel Configuration from Made By Her

Using this configuration Sellers can import their products by creating a unique sales channel especially for the Admin Store which is not available on their own online store.

The seller can create a custom app and provide certain permission which you find below that would convert the custom app into a Sales channel that they can select for their product. Please refer to the images below for a better understanding.

Sellers can add Products only for the Admin marketplace which will only be available on the Sales channel created by the Seller and connected via the seller panel.

Note: Once Seller enables this configuration they won’t be able to disable it.


To Add the product Please make sure the Product is added to the sales channel app that the Seller created as shown below otherwise it won’t be imported or synced.

As soon as the details are configured, you will get an option to import your Shopify store products to the Made By Her store; however, first you'll want to map your product types and collections with ours. 

Map Product Type and Collection

The seller will have the option to map the admin’s store product type & collection with the product type & collection of their Shopify store.

Now, on the seller panel, here is the option to map product types & collections in the Seller Sync App Configuration menu of the app.

shopify sync


shopify sync


Similarly, sellers can map the product type of their respective stores with the product type of the Made By Her Shopify store.

Thus, clicking the Map Type, you will have the option to choose one product type from the Made By Her store and map it with the product type of your own Shopify store.

shopify sync

shopify sync

Importing Products from Seller's Shopify Store

Now, clicking on the Import Products button, you can import products from your Shopify store to the admin’s Shopify store.

Seller will have three methods to import products:

Method 1: Choose a Date Range & import products.

Method 2: Import products by comma-separated product IDs (no spaces)

Method 3:- Import products by product handle.

Once items have been imported, you can view the products in the Product Listing section of their respective panel.

Seller Updating Products:

If the seller has disabled the Auto Sync New Products Tab:

Once you makes any changes in the products in your Shopify store, you will get info on the Made By Her Seller's Dashboard to update all products.

Now, clicking the "View the products" button, will redirect you to a page where all the products will be listed that are not yet updated on your Made By Her store.


Additionally, you can update all the products at once by simply clicking the "Update all products" button. You also have the option to manually update each product as you like.


In the manual update, by clicking the "Update Product" button, the product will show as being in a "Processing" state.


Once processed, the product will get unlisted from this section and only the remaining non-updated/not processing products will be showing.

Final Notes


**If a Shipping Method is not selected, the customer will get an error message at checkout and will not be able to complete their purchase.

**Please note that, in order for the Marketplace Shipping option to work, you must configure the Marketplace Shipping Settings as well. Please follow our Shipping Tutorial for further assistance.

Automatically synced products will need to be approved by Made By Her Staff, but don’t worry, we receive an email as soon as products have been imported and we will review them right away.


*If you have any issues after following this tutorial, please contact for assistance.


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