How to Sync Woocommerce Listings with Made By Her

Syncing Woocommerce Listings 

Getting Started:

From your Made By Her Seller's Dashboard, navigate to Configuration > Woocommerce Configuration and complete the form.

How to find the API Key and Secret Key:

Login to WordPress>>Go to WooCommerce Settings>>Advanced>>REST API>>Add Key>>Click on Generate API Key>>From here seller will get the API Key as well as the Secret key. 

woocommerce sync

woocommerce sync


Once those have been entered in your Woocommerce Configuration on Made By Her, scroll down to find the Woocommerce Delivery URLs.

woocommerce sync 

These Delivery URLs will need to be entered as Webhooks in your Shopify Admin settings.

How to Add Webhooks:

In order to update the Product Inventory automatically on Woocommerce Store once any order is created on her WooCommerce Store, webhooks must be installed.

Seller can now add 4 new webhooks as Product Created, Product Updated, Product Deleted, and Order Created.

Follow the below-given Procedure:
WooCommerce>>Settings>>Advanced>>Webhooks>>Add Webhook>>Enter the above details>>Click on Save Webhook.

 woocommerce sync

Once these four webhooks have been added, the store will be connected.

How to Import Products from Woocommerce to Made By Her

Once the seller configures WooCommerce details on her end, she will get an option to Import Products. The seller can click on it to import the products from WooCommerce by using 3 different methods.

  • Method 1. Import Products by choosing a Date Interval.
    Seller can select a date range to import the product created in between the selected range.
  • Method 2. Import Products by Product IDs.
    Seller can enter the comma-separated Product IDs and import all of them in one go.
  • Method 3. Import Products by Product Slug.
    Seller can enter the Product’s slug and import that product.

Note:- Product Slug in WooCommerce is Product Handle in Shopify.

Once items have been imported, you can view the products in the Product Listing section of their respective panel.

Final Notes

ONCE YOUR PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN IMPORTED, YOU MUST SELECT THE COLLECTION AND SHIPPING METHOD FOR EACH PRODUCT.  Since we use our own Collections for sorting purposes, these cannot be synced.

**If a Shipping Method is not selected, the customer will get an error message at checkout and will not be able to complete their purchase.

Automatically synced products will need to be approved by Made By Her Staff, but don’t worry, we receive an email as soon as products have been imported and we will review them right away.

*If you have any issues after following this tutorial, please contact for assistance.