How to Sync Etsy Listings with Made By Her

How to Sync Etsy Shop Products with Made By Her

To begin, go to your Made By Her Seller’s Dashboard > Configuration > Etsy Configuration

List Shop Name (exactly as shown on Etsy)
NOTE: Seller on Etsy can get her Etsy store name from the “Accounts” section of her Etsy Store.
Login as Etsy Seller>>You (at the upper right corner)>>View Profile>>Get the Store Name.

How to Get the API and Secret Key

Go to 

Login with your current Etsy login credentials.

Creating an App in Etsy

Click "Create a New App"

Fill in App overview as follows:

Name: Made By Her

Describe your application: This application is a marketing platform for experienced female artists. It will allow me to market my handmade items to specific buyers to help improve my brand awareness and product sales.


For App details, please complete with the answers below:

Accept Terms of Service and Submit/Save

Getting API & Secret Keys

You should be granted access and taken to this screen:

Once you create the app, click on the created app then "See API Key Details" to get the API and Secret Key.
NOTE: The “Keystring” will be your API Key in your Made By Her Seller’s App and the “Shared Secret” will be the “Secret Key”.

Further, you can copy the API and Secret key from here and paste it in the “Etsy Configuration” section.

Once you’ve entered them, click “Save”.

Upgrading from v2 to v3

To upgrade the API version from v2 to v3, you will need to tick the "Etsy open API v3 version" and copy the callback URL, as shown in the given image.

Once you've copied the callback URL, the seller need to go to Etsy created app section, click on the edit app tab and paste the code.

Once you configures your Etsy Store’s details, you can start importing products from Etsy to Made By Her.

Import Products

Next you’ll click “Import Products”

Both Method 1 and Method 2 require listing IDs of your Etsy products.

So far, we recommend using Method 1 as we have not been able to locate a .csv file with the listing IDs in it.

For Method 1, go to the Listings tab in your Etsy shop. Click the Manage Listing icon:

Click "Share". In the web address, the listing number is the number after listing/ (see image below):

Copy the listing numbers down of the products you want to sync then enter them into your Made By Her Import Products page with only commas between the listing numbers (no spaces; see below)

Then click “Import Products”.

Once items have been imported, you can view the products in the Product Listing section of their respective panel.

Import Orders

When imported products are ordered on the admin’s Shopify store, order details & inventory gets updated on Etsy too. But when an order is placed at Etsy, Seller needs to import the orders from Etsy to Shopify & manage the product’s quantity at Shopify end.

This will be done from the Seller Panel of the Multivendor App.

Etsy Orders will be imported either by “Order Status” or by “Receipt IDs”


Final Notes

ONCE YOUR PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN IMPORTED, YOU MUST SELECT THE COLLECTION AND SHIPPING METHOD FOR EACH PRODUCT.  Since we use our own Collections for sorting purposes, these cannot be synced.

**If a Shipping Method is not selected, the customer will get an error message at checkout and will not be able to complete their purchase.

Automatically synced products will need to be approved by Made By Her Staff, but don’t worry, we receive an email as soon as products have been imported and we will review them right away.

For further reading about how to sync Etsy with Made By Her, you can read the following article provided by the App creator:

*If you have any issues after following this tutorial, please contact for assistance.

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