Shipping Tutorial

How to set up shipping

From (New) Seller’s Dashboard, go to Configuration > Shipping Configuration

Click Marketplace Shipping, you will see two steps. Start with Step 1 “Create Range”


When you get there, click “Add new range”.

From there, you can choose between basing your shipping pricing on price or weight.

  • If you want to do a flat rate for all of your products, use shipping based on price and just make sure the range includes all of your product prices. Or, if all of your items are about the same price and you just want to base it on how far you’re shipping, you can use this price “range” option as well and you can designate pricing for different areas in the next step
  • If you have products that vary in weight and some cost more than others, then you can create multiple ranges based on weight.

**Note: When setting your "ranges" (whether it be a price or weight), the system will add all products from the same seller together when it goes to calculate shipping for an order. For example, if you have price "ranges" of $1-$9.99 shipping for $7 and $10-$20 products shipping for $8 and you sell two items, one for $5 and one for $9, the system will group them together and charge the $8 rate for $10-$20. In other words, the system won't add the two smaller prices together and charge two $7 rates totaling $14 for shipping, it will group the items together and charge $8 to ship them both (same for weight).

Once you’ve added the different ranges, click View Shipping

And move to Step 2

Select country you want to ship to (Start with United States then you’ll need to select all the states you want to ship to). On the right, you can either enter in a flat rate in the top price box and it will apply to all selected states:

Or you can enter what it will cost per state in the boxes below

When you’re done, scroll to top and click Save

You can create as many different shipping ranges as you’d like.

If you want to offer Free Shipping on any of your items along with charged shipping, simply select if you want the Free Shipping based on weight of your items or price range, leave the price as $0.

If you want to offer Free Shipping on all of your products, go to Configuration > Shipping Methods. Click the three dots next to Free Shipping and select "Enable".

When creating your products, you will be able to choose between the two:

Note: In order for shipping to apply, you will need to select the "Requires Shipping" box on your Product Listing page.

Set Default Shipping Method

Go to Configuration > Shipping Methods > click the three dots next to the shipping method you would like to use as a default and click "Set as Default".

default shipping method how to

Note: If a Default Shipping Method is not selected, you will not be able to add new products.


If you have a particular item you need help with assigning a shipping price to, feel free to contact us at

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